DICID and Qatar Debate Centre have jointly organized a training course under the title The Art of dialogue and construct an argument
Doha International Center and Qatar Debate Center have jointly organized two training courses, for students in secondary schools under the title "The Art of dialogue and construct an argument," respectively targeting the girl student and presented by Nadia Darwish from Qatar Debate Center, and for boy students of Qatar, as provided by the Boys coach Mohammed Salman from Qatar Debate Center . The training courses were hosted by Amina bin Wahb secondary school for girls, and Omar bin Alkhatab secondary school for boys.

These training courses which are targeting school students, aims to spread the dialogue culture and religious tolerance, inspired from Islamic teachings, in the school environment that can contribute to foster a dialogue culture among generation, to develop their own abilities, in the context of the anticipation of preparation the Qatari young generation citizen, to be ready to take the responsible for achieving the Qatar national vision 2030.

The Dr Ibrahim bin Saleh Al-Naimi - Chairman of the Doha International Centre for Management for Interfaith Dialogue, expressed his happiness for the completion of these courses, explaining that this activity comes as a product of excellent cooperation between Qatar Center for Interfaith Dialogue, and Qatar Debate Center, and after following the signing of cooperation agreement between the two parties.

He said satisfied with the training courses organization , in partnership with Qatar Debate Centre, targeting the school students, to inculcate the future generations dialogue and negotiations skills and to capabilities to communicate through the use of the language of dialogue in their daily lives, as it represents the only tool and effective to achieve peace and harmony in the world of dialogue, and opens the doors of integration and coexistence with other cultures.

And from her side , Nadia Darwish, Qatar Debate’s certified trainer, stressed that we are aiming to train students to methods of debate and freedom of expression and respect for others, through the presentation of a variety of issues promote a culture of dialogue and forms", stressing that the primary focus of reunification and communication, confrontation and refute dialogue skills arguments and get to know the opinions of others and listen to them, and the interaction between different cultures, and this path leads to communication between civilizations.

As regard to the student response to the training content, the Qatar Debate instructor, Mohammed Salman said that the course brought together a group of outstanding students from several schools, making the provision of information easier and greater ability to debate, understanding and dialogue." Indicating that he was focusing on dialogue axes and to respond to the argument, without delving into the corresponding controls, noting that cooperation with the Interfaith Dialogue Center gave workshops kind of integration between Islamic culture and art of dialogue, and this is a novelty for the courses organized by Qatar Debate Center, and gave thanks for the Center for Interfaith Dialogue to collect such a large number of schools in this course, and punctuality and adjust the course program accurately and overseeing all other organizational matters.

From her part, Nadia Alashqar - official said coordination of conferences and events at Doha International Center for Dialogue - said that this is the second training course , targeting school students, organized by the Center during this year, which is considered complementary to the first session, which focused on "rehabilitation axes outstanding", while focused the second, which was organized in partnership with Qatar Debate Center , on "the art of dialogue and the argument building ."

This was the course covered a lot of theoretical concepts on dialogue as well as practical and identifiable analogy applications, the session also dealt with corresponding benefits, such as promoting self-confidence and poise and self-esteem of learners the confidence and the ability to build and organize ideas and the importance of teamwork, also touched on ways to build the argument.
Training course has concluded the distribution of certificates of participation on the students by the school management and a representative of the Center for Interfaith Dialogue