DICID and Qatari Youth Hostels Signed a Cooperation Agreement
As a part of enhancing cooperation between the two sides, the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue, represented Prof. Inbrahim Al-Naimi, Chairman of DICID, and Mr. Mohammed Bin Mahdi Al Yami, Chairman of Qatar Youth Hostels, signed a cooperation agreement, on 1st August 2017, in the presence of a number of officials from both sides, as well as media professionals interested in the issue of intercultural dialogue.

The agreement aims at cooperation, coordination and joint support for the establishment of conferences, scientific seminars and training courses between the two sides, as well as work on the development of youth capacities in the fields of interfaith and the dialogue between cultures and of civilizations.

The agreement is also focused on the exchange of researchers and staff visits between the two institutions to develop scientific and expertise, as well as the coordination in all other areas that serve their objectives, and which can be developed into joint projects. The importance of the agreement is that the two sides are working in a field that keeps them in constant contact with followers from different Religions, races and cultures, so the Agreement can contributes in the exchange of experiences between the two sides.

On the occasion of signing the agreement, Ibrahim bin Saleh Al Naimi, Chairman of the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue, said: "Today we are delighted to sign this agreement with a unique youth organization, serving young people and a wide range of cultures”.

Al-Naimi also added that: “the principle of dialogue, tolerance and coexistence are fundamental values that give value and meaning to the human being, so we seek to spread and strengthen them locally and internationally. Such agreements will inevitably contribute to the exchange of experiences and possibilities, which will move our work to wider horizons.

He concluded by saying: "By reviewing the terms of the agreement, it is clear how much effort has been made in preparing the agreement and the sincere intentions that stand behind it. We ask God to bless our efforts and agree with us. This agreement constitutes an integral part of Qatar's national vision, which we seek to embody in all our activities and activities.

Mr. Mohammed Bin Mahdi Al Yami, the Executive Manager of Qatar Youth House, said for his part: "There are a number of common goals that Qatar Homes Association, an extension of an international organization, has been sharing with the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue. We have seen that it is necessary to conclude a cooperation agreement between the two institutions, which will contribute to achieving the common goals of both sides through the implementation of joint programs aimed at youth and different communities, and the exchange of experience in many fields, for the benefit of communities of different cultures, residing in Qatar, which has been living together, in peace, coexistence and harmony since decades.

Al-Yami added : “ The fact that youth hostels are concerned with building people, as well as the Doha Center for Interfaith Dialogue, is certainly a common conviction between the two institutions. Therefore, we see this partnership as a platform for programs and activities for the benefit of our society component .In this regard, Qatari Youth hostels is planning to celebrate, in 18 August, a Global youth Initiative, launched under the slogan "Youth in Peace-building", and we are honored to invite the DICID to be part of this important event” ".

It is worth mentioning that the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue is an international center , which is seek to spread the culture of interfaith dialogue, through extending bridges of cooperation and understanding between followers of religions, cultures and civilizations around the world, building capacities in dialogue and culture of peace and acceptance of others, activating religious values to address issues and problems of concern to humanity, as well as to build a society based on mutual respect and co-existence in harmony and harmony regardless of different religions, cultures and ethnicities.

Qatar Youth Hostels is one of the leading youth organizations that work in the field of youth care and was established in 1983. Its mission is to encourage youth to travel and share cultural exchange by providing a suitable and enriching environment, as Youth is passionate about discovering the world and with a high degree of awareness and ability to interact Positive with all civilizations.

Qatar Youth Hostels aims at achieving the following :

- Enhancing the internal and external tourism of young people and expanding their concept.

- Building the capacity and knowledge of young people in related human development issues.

- Enhancing the values of initiative and responsibility of youth.

- Providing interactive channels among youth and leaders through a group of Values, brotherhood, humanity, community partnership, passion for knowledge and creativity, and based on the desire of both parties to achieve their common goals, and benefit from their scientific and academic experience.