Visit of the Argentinean Ambassador to DICID
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi, Chairman of the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue, met with the Ambassador of Argentina in Doha Ms. Ms Rossana Surball at the Center's headquarters. The meeting discussed cooperation between the DICID and Interfaith institutions in Argentina.

First of all, Dr. Ibrahim welcomed the Argentinean Ambassador and thanked her for her interest and efforts to promote cooperation between the Doha Center for Interfaith Dialogue and interfaith related institutions in Argentina. He noticed that the contact already exists with the Argentina Interfaith institutions, through regular participation of representatives from the Christian , Islamic and Jewish leaders , in DICID annual conference, for a long time, as well as continuous contact with religious institutions. Dr. Ibrahim added that the support of the embassy, which is very welcome, will strengthen and expand that relationship.

For her part, the Argentinean Ambassador thanked, Dr. Ibrahim, the DICID chairman, for the Centerís for role in spreading the culture of peace and coexistence among different religions, cultures and civilizations through various activities, both locally and internationally, in coordination with relevant institutions around the world.

She expressed her desire to strengthen cooperation, taking advantage of the diversity and religious diversity that characterizes Argentina. She explained that her country, which has known - in its history - multiple migrations of different races (Arabs, Italians, and Spaniards), has become, and as a result, a quarter of the population of Arab descent, especially from Lebanon and Syria.

Thus, interfaith dialogue became necessary for Argentinean policy, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, charged for religious affairs, has the responsibility to coordinate interfaith dialogue and related activities. In this regard, the 24 federal states that constitute the Argentina federal state are an extension of those activities and independently. The Ambassador therefore proposes that participation be expanded to be a part of those mandates, with a view to highlighting this religious and cultural diversity that Argentina is proud of.

For his part, Dr. Ibrahim stressed the commitment of the Center to strengthen cooperation with the various parties in Argentina in order to achieve a greater representation of cultural and religious diversity in the country and thanked the Ambassador for her additional proposal to participate in the activities of the Center, particularly at the thirtheen Doha Conference in February 2018.

He also hoped that the cooperation will extend to a partnership that enables institutions from both sides to benefit from exchanging experiences or supporting joint initiatives and projects to empower and develop local and civic communities.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed to coordinate and follow up the implementation of approved points.