A delegation from the Anglican Church in Qatar met Dr Ibrahim
A delegation from The Anglican Church in Qatar visited the DICID and meet Dr Ibrahim, the Chairman of DICID, Tuesday 9 January 2018. The delegation including Father David Chesterton from United Kingdom, Father Ian Nicholson, Director General of the Anglican Center of Qatar. The discussions focused on ways of stressing cooperation between DICID and the Anglican Church in Qatar, and the Gulf countries as a whole.

Dr. Ibrahim welcomed the delegation and gives an overview of the DICID’s activities which aiming, as an interfaith dialogue institution to seeks for constructive dialogue among followers of religions in order to better understand the principles of religious teachings to be harnessed to the service of humanity.:

He also shed light in the main event of the DICID, including:
- Roundtables targeting the local residing communities, which discussed the issues, challenges that the expat communities faces, with involving the governmental relevant authorities, and the leaders of these communities.

- The DICID Annual Conferences focusing on the global issues that concern Humanity.

- Other activities such as school training courses on the dialogue skill.

- A joint activities organized with other interfaith institution ( Ambassadors for Peace- Imams and pastors from America and Pakistan-, involving Expat communities, in many occasion – Qatar National Day, Sports Day, Ramadan –
From his side the delegation thanks The Chairman and DICID staff. He said pleased to share his experience, as a pastor in a Parish , 30 miles from London, where lives a well integrated Muslim majority population. The Religious leaders who are doing an interesting interfaith work among different faith communities composing the local population.

The Pastor said that his interfaith work aims to:

- Build trust between different faith communities.
- Build a right behavior among all communities.
- To involve local media to highlight on this joint interfaith work, such as “the peaceful service”.

- As regarding the Islam- phobia phenomenon, it has been noticed that at the local level, Media has been reflected the good narratives of the successful coexistence between communities, thanks to the work done by the religious leaders, unfortunately that was not the case, regarding the national media.
With regard the concerns about the growing phenomenon of extremism concerns , the Pastor has suggested a number of preventive solutions :

- Operate in schools to inculcate culture of tolerance and peace among faiths.
- Build social among Youth.
- Build the internal community trust (Muslims and Christian for example).

For his par Dr. Ibrahim stressed the need to build bridges of trust and understanding among communities, through an efficient cooperation, with different social partners, including family, religious leaders, schools, and governments. He also expressed the willingness of DICID to set up joint activities and projects among resident communities in Qatar, in collaboration with different Churches in Qatar.